Item says in stock on BrickSeek but it's not in the store

There can be a few reasons for this discrepancy, but first please note: BrickSeek is not affiliated with the retailers listed on this site.  By using our BrickSeek you have agreed that you are using the data on it as a guide, and that neither the store, or BrickSeek is responsible for any discrepancies.

*Please remember to always treat the employees in the store with respect, as they have no control over possible discrepancies! *

  1. The item was stolen, lost, damaged. This will cause a stores inventory system to be incorrect until it is adjusted to account for the discrepancy.
  2. The item is in the store, but is simply not where it should be. Sometimes a customer will pick the item up and decide they no longer want the item, leaving it far away from it’s assigned location. Sometimes when this happens the item can get “hidden” behind other items on the shelf and be nearly possible to find.

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