Price on BrickSeek does not match the price in store

There can be a few reasons for this discrepancy, but first please note: BrickSeek is not affiliated with the retailers listed on this site.  By using our BrickSeek you have agreed that you are using the data on it as a guide, and that neither the store, or BrickSeek is responsible for any discrepancies.

*Please remember to always treat the employees in the store with respect, as they have no control over possible discrepancies!*

  1. If you are at Target, the prices on BrickSeek will be reduced one business day before the store reduces their price. For example electronics are usually marked down on Monday, but the reduced price is often shown on BrickSeek on Friday. Additionally Target pricing requires the markdown team to manually scan and mark down the item. If they miss the item during mark downs it will remain the old price.
  2. You may have an item with a different UPC. Very often there are multiple items that look very close to each other (may even be the same item) but the UPC does not EXACTLY match. To see if this is the case, follow this article

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